Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs:
We do festivals one of two ways; we can charge an admission of $3.00 per child (please contact us for more details on the guidelines of admission events), or the venue can pay our hourly rate.
We love what we do and we love all of our animals.  Our goal, and the reason for our business, is to provide you with the best animal entertainment you can find.  We have over 50 years of experience with animals.  From raising commercial show cattle to training horses, raising exotics and more, you can be confident that you are getting handlers with a wealth of animal knowledge at every event!  Don’t be fooled by what other petting zoos offer.  Many include miniature horses, cows and donkeys but keep them in a separate pen where children can only reach through and touch them.  All of our smaller animals are in one pen-that way children are able to have full interaction with every animal.  All of our animals are raised on our farm, are calm, gentle and enjoy being loved, brushed and petted.  We trust all of our animals to behave and provide you with a great experience.
Trailer Access: Set-up area must be within 100 feet of trailer parking in order to be able to set up in our alotted time.  If we are unable to park within 100 feet, there will be an additional $50 set up fee added to your event total.
We Are a USDA Licensed and Insured Facility
Our zebras are currently not available for travel. 
***Rain Policy- In the best interest of our animals and staff, we reserve the right to cancel any party due to inclement weather.  Absolutely no pony rides will be given in rainy/inclement weather-no exceptions.***
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Jumbo Petting Zoo:
We guarantee a mix of 30 animals in a 36x36 pen
Includes all of the animals in our large petting zoo plus an alpaca 
Add Tex the longhorn in a display pen for $75

Large Petting Zoo:
24x24 Pen with 25 Animals
Includes an alpaca

Small Petting Zoo:
12x24 Pen with 15+ Animals

You won't find another petting zoo in the area that offers the same assortment of animals in their standard petting zoos! Don't be fooled by the number of animals a petting zoo may offer, look at the variety-ours can't be beat!  
We offer the best variety at the best price!

Ask about adding Yippy the Yak to your Jumbo petting zoo!

Animals Included inEveryPetting Zoo:

Miniature Donkey
Miniature Horse
Potbelly Pig
Pygmy Goats
Down on the Farm offers the largest assortment of petting zoo animals in the Metroplex.  We are well known for our friendly, clean animals, impressive set up, as well as our friendly, knowledgeable handlers.
 All Bunny Petting Zoo
An Easter Favorite!
A rustic wood 10x10 pen with a mix of 25 different bunnies.
From the largest breed known as the Flemish Giant, to the smallest of rabbits, the Netherland Dwarf, children will find one in our petting zoo that is their favorite!
Available year-round
Meet Yippy and Tippy-they are Tibetan Yaks!  Yippy is very social and loves attention.  Ask about having them included in your next petting zoo!